Another Mocavo offering

Mocavo is embarking on a new extension of their already exceedingly useful services; one where they conduct automated research and linking between family trees.

According to them, once you upload your GEDCOM File(s) you will begin to taking part in the future of genealogy research. Mocavo plans to send out fully-automated search results to your email and will make new connections for your tree(s) from all over the web! Each uploaded Family Tree will be rolled in to the Mocavo search index to help the genealogy world discover each other and uncover some of the vast array of data/ information available. All you need to do to take advantage of this is to sign up (Free) and upload your Gedcom file(s). From that point forward everything is going to be ‘automagic’.

I have uploaded a particularly challenging tree of mine.  We’ll see when the data begins to start rolling in. When it does, I’ll report what I uncover/discover here on ManyRoads.