ManyRoads Update- October 2011

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Updates. 

By way of a brief explanation, things have been extremely stressful and busy for us from a personal, family perspective.  But as we all know, life is like that sometimes…

From a genalogical perspective, things have also been very busy and ‘luckily’ quite fruitful.  If you have not visited the ManyRoads site very often recently here are some significant updates:

  • My September Quebec tutorial went well… and according to plan! For more details please view:
  • Recently, we have added an Active Research section to our home page in an effort to provide more open and accessible active family research (and help me remember what I’m working on…).  The Active Research area currently contains the following items:[catlist ID=1038 orderby=title order=asc numberposts=100]
  • During the past month, we re-discovered ‘formerly lost’ family members; you may read about that adventure here:
  • Also lately, I have had the good fortune to try out the new LDS Family History Center tape ordering system; an article on that process is on ManyRoads at:

I’d like to say that I will be writing the Update more regularly, but I might not.  So instead I’ll promise to write Updates as time and schedules permits and wish you all the very best. As always, thank you for visiting ManyRoads and please remember we always appreciate reciprocal web site links!