Christian and Mary (Roth) Wenger- A Brief History

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Christian Wenger was born 2 DEC 1799, Basel, Switzerland

Mary Roth was born 15 NOV 1807, Dornach, Switzerland

They were married 7 SEP 1830, Burgfelden, Elsass

Christian Wenger and family migrated from Germany through Basel, Switzerland to near Hamburg, Ontario in 1835. The family lived here for 9 years. In 1844 they moved to Washington Co., Iowa north of Wayland by covered wagon, stopping overnite in Chicago where they could not find a place to stay. All the clothing they owned was on their backs as their clothing had been stolen before crossing the border in Canada. Christian was in his fifties when he arrived. Many of the descendants are still in Wayland, Iowa.

For more see “The Mennonites in Iowa” by Melvin Gingrich.

Christian Wenger is buried at Joseph Sommers burying ground in Wayland, Iowa.