August Ferdinand Kunz – Catherine Elisabeth Albrecht

The family of August Kunz and Elisabeth Albrecht lived in Neuteicherwalde in Kreis Marienburg, Westpreussen (West Prussia). August was a Hofbesitzer (Farmer). It is believed that Hermann Recht and Auguste geboren Kunz inherited the family farm with their marriage three plus years following the death of August Ferdinand (facts are being sought to confirm this). We do know that as late as 1895 Elisabeth continued to live in Neuteicherwalde (even after Hermann and Auguste Recht had moved to Pietzkendorf). This fact is confirmed via the birth and baptismal record of Erich August Albrecht.

August Ferdinand Kunz (was born on 7 Feb 1844 in Neuteicherwalde the son of Andreas Kunz and Caroline Concordia Woelke) he married Catherine Elizabeth Albrecht (born on 10 Aug 1842 in Neuteicherwalde the daughter of Georg Albrecht and Marie Schroeder) on 3 January 1869 in Neuteicherwalde. (page 152 Baarendorf ev. Kirche)

During their marriage August Ferdinand Kunz and Catherine Elisabeth geboren Albrecht had 5 children of whom perhaps only two survived into adulthood. This included:

  • Name: Auguste Alvine Caroline (wife of Hermann Recht).

Birth: 2 Sept 1869
Baptism: 10 Oct 1869
Death: 6 Oct 1916
Burial: 12 Oct 1916

  • Name: Johanna Elise

Birth: 15 Sept 1870
Baptism: 2 Oct 1870
Death: 17 Nov 1870

  • Name: Georg Andreas Ferdinand

Birth: 10 Mar 1872
Baptism: 7 Apr 1872

  • Name: Otto Richard

Birth: 1 Oct 1873
Baptism: 2 Nov 1873
Death: 24 Dec 1882

  • Name: Friedrich Gustav

Birth: 18 Jan 1875
Baptism: 21 Feb 1875
Death: 21 Feb 1875

Catherine Elisabeth geboren Albrecht died in 1916 approximately two months after her daughter Auguste. It is probable that she had been in residence with the Recht’s in the last years prior to Auguste’s early death from Gout.

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