Sometimes… magic happens

Today was one of those amazing days.

Wedhorn Home  circa 1940 Orlofferfelde
Wedhorn Home
circa 1940 Orlofferfelde

It is often unbelievable what the universe has in store for you. Today, I received a small insight. A cousin of mine, Norbert Grohmann contacted me. Mind you, I had no idea that I had a cousin by that name or that his part of the family had even survived the Second World War. My mother, my primary source for such information, had not even known. But today a message (comment) came to me here on ManyRoads and it was Norbert… my cousin (Gott sei dank!).

Since early this morning, we have numerous email exchanges.  I have gathered photos and information from Norbert.  He has been exceedingly generous.  I have incorporated the information here and look forward to hearing and gathering more.  I rejoice in this extension of my family. I rejoice in our resilience and ability to survive.

The links below include the data I have enhanced with the help of my newly found family….