French Canadian Source Materials- Quebec Research Tip #2

Canada has some of the world’s best documented family history information.  This is especially true for Roman Catholic French Canadians.  They were wonderful record keepers and the materials have been excellently preserved.research

Over the years I have had the great good fortune of finding a number of small publishers/ booksellers who have, in their own ways, been most helpful.  I hope you find some of these links and pointers useful in your New York and Quebec research.

  • Quintin Publications– Quintin Publications provides a wide array of professional genealogical research texts and document collections. Most of their texts focus on French Canada although they also publish materials from the British Isles and North America.
  • Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society– NNYACGS provides a broad array of documents and titles covering the region around Clinton County, NY.
  • Clyde M. Rabideau – Heartnut Publishing– Clyde has been researching and writing books on the Robidous for many years and have tracked most of the descendants of Andre Robidou who came to Quebec in the mid 1600s. He also has published several books on the vital statistics for the 3 upstate New York counties of Clinton, Franklin and Essex.
  • American-French Genealogical Society– A genealogical & historical organization for French-Canadian research. They provide numerous self-published documents in addition to their association membership activities.
  • FrancoGene– In addition to numerous CDs and texts they claim to be the gateway to Franco-American and French-Canadian Genealogy on the Internet
  • Google ebooks offers a large selection of Free materials.  Here’s a sample.
  • The Internet Archive also offers massive quantities of source materials in all media formats for free.

If you know of additional sources for high quality genealogy information for Southern Quebec and Northern New York, please let me know and I’ll them to our list!