Kick-starting your genealogy efforts

I have put this little reminder checklist together to help me and others quickly examine our obvious options when we either are stuck or just getting started.

This list is hardly exhaustive and if you try everything here without success you should not feel like you have to throw your hands up in despair, there are still many avenues to examine.  Hopefully though, using these tools will prove useful and productive and fun.


Have you checked?
For basic name searches try these out. Not all of these tools are genealogy focused but they are all quite robust and helpful.
If the above hasn’t provided you with enough information or produced many leads, you can attempt:
  • Develop alternate spellings for your family member names and then take another pass at using the above search tools!
  • PeopleFinder
Do you know enough about the history of the area and time?
Other :Tips & Pointers including discussions on using…
  • German Genealogy
  • Search Tips & Tricks
  • Quebec Genealogy
Other Website Links, Databases & Genealogy Sites