WW1 German Casualty Lists – 1.WK Armee-Verordnungsblatt Verlustliste

6 Dec. 2014
8 Feb. 2015

Since I originally wrote this article, a number of new source material sites have come online. Be advised the only records listed here are those for German War Dead or Wounded.  In the event that you are unaware of key statistics involving German troops in WW1 here is a rough sketch:

  • Killed in Action: 1.7 to 2 million
  • Wounded: 4.2 million
  • 65% of all mobilized men were casualties (killed or wounded)

A word of caution, Austrian or other German Central Power Aligned Troops are listed elsewhere, as are those of the Allied Powers.

As of 8 Feb. 2015,  you may find WW1 German Casualty Lists online at (but be aware to get full functionality, meaning full search and complete download, you will need to use multiple sites):

Be aware that you should not expect to exhaust all possible German WW1 Casualties in a single document or site.  None of the above sources have ‘everything’.  If you do not find your person(s) in one location check others.

NOTE: If you wish to search more broadly for German War Casualties, most notably those from WW2, you might try the Kriegsgräberfürsorge Gräbersuche-Online.