Genealogy Tips- Backup! Whoa, it’s Free?!?

It is hard enough finding genealogy information and losing it has always seemed like a bad idea to me. I am writing this post today in hopes of helping you save your genealogy data… and just perhaps, just perhaps, you will take advantage of this risk-free, cost-free suggestion and back things up before you lose them! (Did you notice the shameless, shy-less, cheap plug in that paragraph?)

About two months ago, I wrote a posting entitled Whoa, Backup! In that posting, I discussed backups in a general or generic sense- I attempted to provide some insight into the benefits and wisdom, etc. of backups.  So I won’t repeat that material, you may follow this link to read what was said then: Whoa, Backup!

This update posting will hopefully give, those of you who decide to follow my recommendations, a bunch of free online storage.  How much will depend on your specific situation but it could be as much as 100GB.  Wuala is an online backup service by LaCie. Their desktop app works on Windows, Mac, and Linux (I’m running it on Ubuntu Linux).

You should note that your encrypted (encoded) data is distributed across numerous servers around the world. To quote the Wuala site:

Wuala protects your privacy.

All files are directly encrypted on your desktop. Your password never leaves your computer. Not even we as the provider can access your files or your password.

Wuala provides bank-level security.

Wuala employs proven encryption technology (AES, RSA and SHA) to secure your data.

Wuala stores your files in multiple places.

To keep your data safe, your files are stored redundantly in many different locations. Our servers are based in Switzerland, Germany and France.

Wuala is based on unique technology.

Our technology has been developed and researched at the ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Your password and security keys are stored locally on your computer only, not even the folks at Wuala have access to them. I am personally very satisfied with Wuala’s security measures, but perhaps others are not. You may read more on Wuala here.

By default you get 1GB of free storage when you sign up; if you find someone to give you their referral code you can get an extra 1GB at sign up for a total of 2GB. Plus if you use this link, I’ll get 250MB of free storage added to my account.

Once you have installed the Wuala software on your PC, you may enter the following codes to get 16GB of free additional storage (these are coupon codes, -not- referral codes):



(Please let me know if any of the codes fail so I may remove them.  Also please let me know if you find any new ones and I’ll place them here.)

Also, you can get up to another 3GB of free storage by referring 12 friends (you will receive 250MB per referral). If you total all that up, you have a potential of 19GB of free and secure (my opinion) backup space.

Beyond that, you can elect to trade your on-line hard drive space to the Wuala cloud (I do not do that because of my slow DSL connection.). Whatever amount you trade you will receive an equivalent amount in on-line storage (up to 100GB). This calculation, however, is based on your computer’s on-line time. So it is unlikely that you will get all of that space but rather a lesser percentage. Ultimately, if you use all the above codes, and trade your ‘on-line space’ you have the possibility of achieving 119GB backup space for free.

If you might want to sign-up for the Wuala service, please use this link. If you sign-up for a free account using this link, I will get an additional 512MB of disk space added to my allotment.