ManyRoads Library Changes Underway

For those seeking source documents from former German areas in the region of West/ East Prussia I have added numerous Elbing City Yearbooks along with other data. In addition, I am completely reformatting the ManyRoads library pages.Genealogy Warning

The reason for the alterations on ManyRoads stems from a contact I received this week. It seems certain organizations want me to present direct links to original source documents housed in their facilities, even though I do not use their format or digitalization. To me the request sounded peculiar since all the documents are in the public domain and out of copyright. Additionally the request sounded strange to me because it seemed like a request for me to leech documents from anothers’ sites; and, I was always taught that leeching was both unethical and undesirable. But the folks were insistent that only direct, document download links would do.

So, I am in the process of gathering the links, reformatting my pages and hopefully making people a bit happier. As always, I am glad to provide every manner of kudo I can think of in appreciation for the digital images/data provided by others; and, I think I do so quite regularly and broadly. Certainly without the efforts of others, I would have missed out on a lot of information. But now, I am perplexed. Is stealing CPU and Network bandwidth good in some countries and bad in the US? I guess I don’t know.

What I do know is that I still appreciate the documents folks outside the US have digitally generated. I plan to continue to use and present their works. I also want to be sensitive to and respect their requests for credit… but sometimes these requests come into conflict with both normative professional behaviors and legal requirements in my home country. What to do?

Well, I have decided to present links to all original source documents using the name of the respective source library as a link. Here’s where I ask you to please note, ManyRoads is not responsible for the quality of any external links (security, accessibility, etc.). I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for honoring this type of linking request here at home or in other countries to which I now provide direct document links. I really would like a consistent framework for my library pages; and, I really do not want to have a unique arrangement for every country or organization from which I source materials.

Oh well! Since I have to rewrite and reformat each page now, you will note that I am attempting to convert most texts archived on ManyRoads into pdf format at the same time- per numerous ManyRoads readership requests. The pdf formatted texts are of a much lower image quality than those in DJVU format due to size limitations/ constraints (they are actually one quarter as dense). This conversion could take a long time to complete but if you use DJview or similar on your PC, you, also, have the capability to convert the ManyRoads DJVU files locally. Also please note that almost all ManyRoads files are downloadable by using a right mouse click (or similar). The same is not always true of the original source materials.

The ManyRoads library pages under revision are: