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German Name Spellings

For those unfamiliar with, or simply wishing to learn more about, conducting German/ Prussian genealogical research this is my second posting in a series on the topic of German-Prussian Genealogy Pointers. One of the greatest difficulties people have with researching Germanic family members involves name spellings.  This is especially true for those English speakers.  Over […]

Conducting Better German Research

Recently, I have received numerous queries on how to get started or better conduct German genealogy research.  Rather than simply email folks one at a time, I thought a post on the subject might be useful. By way of background, I ought to state that almost everyone I hear from tells me that they are: […]

Political Debate about the Center Against Expulsion in Berlin (ARD)

Political Debate about the Center Against Expulsion in Berlin. Flucht und Vertreibung – Eskaliert der deutsch-polnische Zoff? (ARD Anne Will’s political talk show) Unfortunately, it is not easy or simple to find factual information about controversial subjects like die Vertreibung (the Expulsion). We extend our sincerest appreciation to all our readers who have shared their […] queries in seconds.