9th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I apologize for delay in getting our semi-irregular newletter out.  Things have been a bit hectic and my network has been unreliable.  Also for those who follow my writings in the various Groups within which I am a participant, you may have noticed I have been uploading a lot of information to ManyRoads.  Unfortunately that becomes very problematic when the network doesn’t work well.

Once again, numerous, very thoughtful and generous folks have sent us materials to share on the web. We greatly appreciate the ‘donations’ and will make them available as we are able. If you have photos, maps, stories that you think fit with our audience and subject matter, we’d love to hear from you.

Anyway here are ManyRoads major updates for the last 30+ days:

Danzig Maps – Danziger Landkarten
Übersichtskarte von Mitteleuropa Danzig- 1902
Danzig- 1886
Danzig- 1910
Danzig- 1910(2)
Danzig- 1918
Danzig- 1932
Danziger Gebiet
Danziger und der Weichselkorridor
Gebiete Freie Staat Danzig

Germany until 1945
Northern Germany (Nord Deutschland)- 1910
Germany – Deutschland- 1937
German Empire- Deutsches Reich- 1937

Stettin- 1910


Thorn- 1910

East & West Prussia – Ost und West Preußen
Ostpreussen- 1882
Ostpreußen 30 April 1945
Ostpreussen- 1882
Ostpreussen Landkarte- unknown date
Preussen- unknown date
Preussen- 1751 (La Prusse)
Preussen Politische Uebersicht
Westpreussen- 1882
Westpreussen- 1900
Westpreussen- Mallek Gross
West und Ost Preussen- 1896
West & East Prussia- 1906
Ost und Westpreussen
Westpreussen und Danziger Bucht
Ostpreussen- 2
Westpreussen- 2
Heimat Preussen

Vertreibung Landkarten (German Expulsion Maps)
Vertriebene aus den deutschen Ostgebieten 1
Vertriebene aus den deutschen Ostgebieten 2
Vertriebene aus den deutschen Ostgebieten 3
1945 Aufteilung Deutschland

For those researching Central Europe and the Baltic regions, I have placed 14
maps covering the time from the late Roman Empire (around 400) up to 1812 on

Soviet Gulags
Gulag Slavery
Russian Memorial Gulag Map

World War 2 Maps
Allied Occupation Zones- 1945
Attack of the Red Army- Jan. to April 1945
Eastern Front- Jan.to May 1945
Generalne Gubernatorstwo- 1945
Aufteilung Deutschland- 1945
Reichsgaue- 1941

On one of the Yahoo groups in which I participate, I noticed that people seemed to be struggling a bit to understand when, where, and when Germans moved into Eastern Europe (including places like Pommerania, West Prussia, East Prussia). I have posted a VERY simple, map tutorial covering German and other Central European peoples migrations and/or locations before the World Wars.

I hope this post helps makes it a bit easier to understand and find what types of people may have lived near the areas you are researching.

The following West/East Prussia addressbooks (and now we have several from Pommern as well…) have newly been added to ManyRoads. Looks like it about time to rearrange things.

Marienwerder Adressbuch- 1909
Marienwerder Adressbuch- 1912
Marienwerder Adressbuch- 1917
Marienwerder Adressbuch- 1926

Elbinger Jahrbuch- 1923
Elbinger Jahrbuch- 1933
Elbinger Jahrbuch- 1936

Die Familiennamen von Stolp und Umgebung im 16 Jahrhundert
Stolp Adressbuch- 1914
Stolp Adressbuch- 1920
Stolp Adressbuch- 1931
Stolp Adressbuch- 1936
Stolp Adressbuch- 1938

Stettin Adressbuch und Geschaeftshandbuch-1900
Stettin Adressbuch- 1901
Stettin Adressbuch- 1903
Stettin Adressbuch- 1906
Stettin Adressbuch- 1943
Stettin Adressbuch- 1914
Stettin Adressbuch- 1931
Stettin Adressbuch- 1932

Zoppot Adressbuch- 1911
Zoppot Adressbuch- 1917-1918
Zoppot Adressbuch- 1936-1937

Finally the list! Here are other ManyRoads items of note published during the past month or so:

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