New Translation function

A new web-page translation function has been added to ManyRoads. The Wibiya bar, where our translation function was previously provided, has been eliminated. We eliminated the bar based in large part on the recommendations and comments of Matt Mullenweg (the designer/inventor of WordPress).Globe

Additionally, you may have noticed that the performance of ManyRoads had begun to degrade significantly over the past weeks; we believe this was due in no small part to the performance of Wibiya as well as that of other plugins.  So given we would like things to move quickly, I cleaned things up a bit.  I rolled the site back to a few previously utilized plugins, like Sexy Bookmarks; and am hoping for the best, performance-wise.

Our new translation plugin (called the Google Ajax Plugin) seems quite light and fast.  It was however originally a tad austere from an appearance perspective.  I added a bit of color and hope that things are none the worse for my efforts. I, however, have noted one possible exception and that is you will need to Select English Translation to return to the base level system should you inadvertently select the Translate function.

I hope this plugin does a reasonable job of providing both translations and information access to ManyRoads’ non-native English readers.