8th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

First, let me apologize for the delay in publishing the ManyRoads, semi-irregular Newsletter.  But as you might imagine, things here have been busy, hectic, and ‘interesting’.  Holidays, the end of the year plus some unanticipated technological & familial ‘adventures’ have all played their part in the delay.  Oh well….

From a genealogy perspective things have been interesting and fun. We managed to identify numerous “new to us” relations, friends, documentation, and histories. Our website traffic has continued to grow, although more slowly than before. I certainly also am appreciative of the many folks who have written us and also to those new subscribers of our Newsletter.

As you may have noticed, the past month included a fairly eclectic variety of postings and updates.  I am most pleased with the updates in our Verteibung, Elbing Damals Galleries as well as to our Prussian Addressbooks. We also managed to add several new maps and map pages to the site during December and January- all in the Prussian maps area.

Once again, numerous, very thoughtful and generous folks have sent us materials to share on the web. We greatly appreciate the ‘donations’ and will make them available as we are able. If you have photos, maps, stories that you think fit with our audience and subject matter, we’d love to hear from you.

Lastly, before I announce the list of last months publications, I would emphasize one posting above all: On the “Vertreibung”, Expulsions, and Hope . This posting came about due to popular demand.  I hope it helps explain my perspective and provides a clearer context for my efforts in that arena.

Finally the list! Here are other ManyRoads items of note published during the past month or so:

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