Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geb. Kiehl is found!

After searching for more than 70 years for documentary evidence, on 11 December 2010, we finally viewed the image of the birth record of Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geboren (born) Kiehl (my great-grandmother- “O-oma“). It was one of those ‘hoped for’ breakthrough findings. Earlier we had uncovered evidence on FamilySearch saying that her birth record was in fact located in Graudenz Mittelbezirk Westpreussen. Just about 6 weeks ago, we ordered the microfilm and sure enough, there it was. We now have the film on permanent hold in our local family history center in Parker.

Her birth was on the 6th of October 1850. Her father was Erdmann Kiehl and her mother was Esther Adelgunde Grindemann. There is additional information on the record we need yet to assess, including the name of her birth town (not very easy to read on the photo we currently have). We also hope to find evidence of her parents births, ideally in the same church/ area.

All public Senger Family documents are available online.


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