Seventh Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

Happy Holidays! As we are now in the midst of the largest annual holiday season, I think it is time for me to quickly write and publish our monthly News Letter. As always, it is on our extraordinarily accurate, semi-irregular schedule.

The past month has been quite busy for me both from a genealogy/ ManyRoads website perspective as well as otherwise.  It seems like I have been everywhere but home for most of the past month.  Now with the holiday season, we ( Becky and I ) are busy with things in the family and otherwise, as I am certain everyone is at this time of the year.

This past month, I have been attempting to gather and publish a significant body of video and musical data; some materials were generated according to plan others came by circumstance and luck.  The material has ranged from the sublime into perhaps even the frivolous.  Hopefully, the materials help paint a somewhat clearer image of a small piece of the past, not to mention my personal feelings about the past. I sincerely hope most of you have found the materials informative, even if they have not been entirely enjoyable.

A number of very thoughtful and generous folks have sent us materials to share on the web during the last month. We greatly appreciate the ‘donations’ and will make them available as we are able. I would note that some of the items are not necessarily easy to upload and share. We are currently in process of receiving numerous “new to ManyRoads” pre-world war 2 address books from the former Eastern German provinces.  We are very excited about these and will get them online as soon as we can.

Happily, our visitor numbers continue to grow and we are now averaging around 240 visitors per day!  Last month we again topped 7000 visitors.  We even briefly ranked in the top 25 of all genealogy websites tracked by

Finally the list! Here are the ManyRoads items published during the past month or so:

As always, I want to request any/all of you who have genealogical websites please consider reciprocal linking with ManyRoads. There is no cost and both your site and ManyRoads will benefit from the links. Simply place a link to on your site; send me an email letting me know you have made the link; and, I’ll place a link to your site.

And last but not least: a very Merry Christmas/ Frohe Weihnachtsfest to all our Christian readers! and a Happy Holiday season to all!