DNA based genealogy search

Which genetic genealogy DNA service is best?  This is the question with which I am currently wrestling. Perhaps one or more of our knowledgeable readers has some insights to share. I certainly would appreciate experienced observations and insights into our dilemma.

Here are the basic objectives of our DNA search:DNA

  • We’d like information and insight on any Native American information on the male Rabideau and female Deyo line (I do not currently have access to male Deyo DNA); we also seek information on the background of both lines in Europe and before.
  • We seek information on the Senger- Recht matrilineal lines; there is no DNA material available for either line on the male side, of which I am aware (the world wars took care of that…).  This will be a search for European and pre-European migrations etc.

My assumption is that we ultimately are best served by having my father’s DNA run for both matrilineal and patrileneal lines (additionally examining both sides for Native American markers). We also ought to have my mother’s DNA run for our Prussian ancestry markers to check her matrilineal lines for European migrations etc.

If you have already conducted similar research…

  • With which services have you had good success/ positive experiences?
  • Are there obvious flaws in my plan?
  • What would you do differently from my plan or recommend I include in our search?

We have a list of links to the providers we have found on our Links page (see Genetic Genealogy). Perhaps we have missed some important players? Perhaps you can tell us which are best, based upon your experience(s)…

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