Sixth Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting our almost regularly scheduled, nearly monthly ManyRoads NewsLetter out. The past month has provided quite some challenges (mostly technical).

22-24 October proved to be quite a challenge for us at ManyRoads. Our old web host (hostpapa) shut ManyRoads down because of our excessive server memory and CPU utilization. When asked what precisely the problem or cause was, they were unwilling to respond meaningfully. So, we moved to HostGator where we are now using 0.1% of our server, and under 1% of the server memory all while having improved our site speed by more than 50%. Cloudflare has played a huge part in this improvement. But, it is worth noting that the folks at HostGator have been hugely helpful and unbelievably responsive. (You will note posts on this below…)

Additionally you may have noticed a small menu bar appearing on the bottom of our site pages (Wibiya). Please feel free to use the bar for searching, tweeting, facebook links and the like. Every click on the bar helps improve our site rating and the chances that someone out there will find us and send us more information to share.

By the by… during the last month, a number of folks have sent us materials to share on the web. We greatly appreciate your ‘donations’ and make them available, as we are able. I would note that some of the items are not necessarily easy to upload and/or share. Some of the links are private and prohibit shareing but we check them all out and give it our best…

Happily, our visitor numbers have continued to grow and we are now averaging nearly 230 visitors per day! Given our nearly 24 hour total dead-time, this is quite an improvement. In the BLOG world, we are still pikers but I sure am glad you all stop by! As I have noted in the past, in the genealogical world, according to, we are in the top 40 sites tracked by them (yes we slipped a bit since last month).

Another significant change on the ManyRoads site involves our maps. I have removed the old WordPress plug-in we were using, because the maps went dead in our new site hosting configuration. I have cleaned up the maps, standardized their format and hand-coded the presentation of the materials. It all seems to be working fine; please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Finally the list! Here are other ManyRoads items posted during the past month (and a bit…):

As always, I want to request any/all of you who have genealogical websites please consider reciprocal linking with ManyRoads. There is no cost and both your site and ManyRoads will benefit from the links. Simply place a link to on your site; send me an email letting me know you have made the link; and, I’ll place a link to your site.

And last but not least: Happy Thanksgiving to all our US readers!