Ethnic Cleansing Discussion Groups

Recently a new Internet Expulsion (Ethnic Cleansing) Discussion Group opened its doors for business.  If you are interested in learning more about, or are researching, the European Ethnic Cleansings of the 20th Century as described below, these groups may be of interest. Hopefully the discussions will remain constructive as well as informative.

The European-Expellees Expellees * EUEEP * EUFV * UESE group describes itself as follows (click here to visit their site):

Flight, expulsion, ethnic cleansing, banishment and exile are fates suffered by millions of Europeans in the 20th century and represent a widespread political phenomenon in the world up to this day. This group is intended to serve as a platform to enhance communication and interaction between European refugees, expellees and people who support their rightful aims.

English, German and Italian are the official working languages of the European Union of Exiled and Expelled People (EUEEP). French will be permitted in this group as another major European lingua franca of high importance in the European institutions.

A second group, more narrowly focused on the German Expulsions from the former German Eastern provinces, describes itself as follows (click here to visit their site):

[The group focuses on discussions and information about ]Expulsion of ethnic Germans after World War 2.

The expulsion of Germans after World War II refers to the mass deportation of people considered Germans from the eastern Soviet-occupied zone of Germany, and is the main part of German ethnic cleansing from eastern Germany after World War 2. Central Germany was to become its new east. The ethnic cleansing, intended for new forced border changes, was decided by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference.

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