Family friends…

Who says genealogy is not full of surprises? Well, not me!

Over the past few months I have had the wonderful good fortune of coming into to contact with two magnificent people (families). One of them grew up near the village(?) where my grandmother (Frieda Senger) was born and raised- Pietzkendorf.  The other has been a family friend for more than 250 years and now lives in Dakar, Senegal.

I am truly amazed that this website and my genealogical efforts have introduced me to both Rainer and Hans; or more precisely, these efforts have made it possible for us to find each other.  All three of us and our families truly have traveled ManyRoads, gone different directions and yet we have very much in common- a love for place, a sense of community, and a willingness to continue to help each other unravel the threads of time in our collective efforts to find out more about who and what we are.

It is truly a wonder!

  • A friend from the area of Pietzkendorf, which exists no more.
  • A friend living in Africa whose family and mine are linked together for more than 250 years in the area of Zeyer.

It amazes me… Vielen dank Rainer und Hans fuer die Bilder, Buecher, hilfe, geduld, und freundschaft.