Wasserstrasse, Elbing

Wasserstrasse in 2013

On the 22nd of October, 2010, I received an email from a long-time (since 1762) family friend (more on that later).

Rainer and his family were in Poland looking at the alte Heimatland. AND… they had been to visit the street where my mother lived as a teenager with her Onkel Robert and Tante Olga. The email I received contained these photos. I was visiting with my mother when the photos arrived. Es war wirklich eine Ueberraschung! (It was truly a surprise!) Meine Mutter war sehr froh alles wieder zu sehen (My mother was happy to see everything again.). She had not seen her Onkel’s house since the mid- 1940s, and here it was. Someone I knew was there and had sent photos.

As Rainer surmised, the buildings had been significantly rebuilt. My mother’s old bedroom window was exactly where he placed in the photograph(see photo one).

If this complex of building is where your mother lived, then, referring to the present structure, her room could have been the one on the third floor above the passage…. but I cannot exclude the possibility that the whole structure / everything changed in a way that nothing can be identified any more.

Vielen dank Rainer und Familie.

Was kann ich sagen? Nur das ‘es war einmal’ so fangen alle Maerchen an…
(What can I say? Only that it was ‘once upon a time’; that’s how all the fairy tales begin…)

Since 2010 a new friend from Elblag, Pawel Buczkowski has been monitoring the progress around the ‘old Wasserstrasse’ and sending me updates.  It is wonderful having someone so close to the area who cares enough to share the local changes and progress!

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all photos copyright © 2010-2013 Rainer Mueller-Glodde and Pawel Buczkowski, used with permission

Vielen Dank Rainer! Dziękuję bardzo, Pawel!