Visit updates

Even though ManyRoads was completely down due to ISP problems for two days in October, we were still blessed with our highest number of visits ever. Thank you!

In October, we had more than 7300 unique visits. This means, on average, more than 235 folks stopped by for a visit each day.

Based upon our current statistics, our 10 most popular and frequently read pages are:

  1. Adressbücher
  2. Prussia (Germany)
  3. Links
  4. Flucht und Vertreibung (Gallery)
  5. A History of French Canada 1670 to 1699
  6. A History of French Canada 1650 to 1669
  7. Landkarten (Maps)
  8. A History of French Canada 1635 to 1649
  9. Genealogy

Please feel comfortable to contact us with any questions regarding our areas of expertise or to request further information/ documentation.

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