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Der Zerstörung Elbings… das Ende 1945

Und keine hat den Sieger begrüßt…. (and no one welcomed the victors) The destruction of Elbing (West Prussia).. the end 1945. 1945- Der Zerstoerung Elbings | The Destruction of Elbing Videos: (videos may load slowly) Der Zerstörung Elbings Sowjetische Nachrichten über das Ende Elbings Eroberung Elbings- 1945 Images: Elbing After the Destruction 1945 Marienburg Damals Ost(…)

Sharing & more

Sharing is a particularly wonderful aspect of human existence. If you have found ManyRoads to be helpful in the conduct of your research during the past months, we ask that you briefly reflect on the wonder of your family, community and life. Please also take a moment to remember those less fortunate than yourself. In(…)

Christmas… and another war

For some reason Christmas, this year, reminds me of WW1. I know it shouldn’t. I have no idea why I am reminded of WW1- perhaps it is because I have been doing a lot of genealogy and I spend a lot of time thinking about the past. And, the past always reminds me of my(…)

DNA based genealogy search

Which genetic genealogy DNA service is best?  This is the question with which I am currently wrestling. Perhaps one or more of our knowledgeable readers has some insights to share. I certainly would appreciate experienced observations and insights into our dilemma. Here are the basic objectives of our DNA search: We’d like information and insight(…)

Simple Gifts…

Rejoice in your family, from where you have come, and all that you are. We wish these joys to everyone on this Thanksgiving and every day. As the old Shaker song reminds us, it is truly “The gift to be simple”.

Zeyers Friedhofen (Cemeteries )

The cemeteries of the former Zeyer, West Prussia have severely deteriorated over the years. Clearly the destruction of the Zeyer ev. Kirche by Russian bombardment did the most complete removal of burial sites. But time itself has eroded the Zeyer Mennonite burial grounds as well. The photos below are what is left of both the(…)

Ethnic Cleansing Discussion Groups

Recently a new Internet Expulsion (Ethnic Cleansing) Discussion Group opened its doors for business.  If you are interested in learning more about, or are researching, the European Ethnic Cleansings of the 20th Century as described below, these groups may be of interest. Hopefully the discussions will remain constructive as well as informative. The European-Expellees Expellees(…)

Sixth Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting our almost regularly scheduled, nearly monthly ManyRoads NewsLetter out. The past month has provided quite some challenges (mostly technical). 22-24 October proved to be quite a challenge for us at ManyRoads. Our old web host (hostpapa) shut ManyRoads down because of our excessive server memory and CPU(…)

Family friends…

Who says genealogy is not full of surprises? Well, not me! Over the past few months I have had the wonderful good fortune of coming into to contact with two magnificent people (families). One of them grew up near the village(?) where my grandmother (Frieda Senger) was born and raised- Pietzkendorf.  The other has been(…)

Wasserstrasse, Elbing

On the 22nd of October, 2010, I received an email from a long-time (since 1762) family friend (more on that later). Rainer and his family were in Poland looking at the alte Heimatland. AND… they had been to visit the street where my mother lived as a teenager with her Onkel Robert and Tante Olga.(…)

A Banner Day!

11 months to the day from when we began ‘full-scale’ usage of WordPress on ManyRoads, we were graced by our 50,000 visitor. 13 November 2010 is truly a landmark day for ManyRoads. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of our 50,000 visitor; however, we do know that they have visited us some 81 times(…)

Cloudflare & ManyRoads

Website security & speed are crucial to your genealogy site. Like most websites, genealogy sites are under daily attacked from hackers and information thieves. If you are interested in the latest technology available to speed and secure your site I recommend taking a look at Cloudflare. ManyRoads has been running the beta version of Cloudflare now(…)

Visit updates

Even though ManyRoads was completely down due to ISP problems for two days in October, we were still blessed with our highest number of visits ever. Thank you! In October, we had more than 7300 unique visits. This means, on average, more than 235 folks stopped by for a visit each day. Based upon our(…) queries in seconds.