Site transfer, phase 1 – completed

Phase one of the ManyRoads transfer to is now complete. At least, it looks good from my end.

We have moved a lot of files (about 60,000 of the little and huge buggers); not much of this transition has been easy.  My daughter and son-in-law have proven immensely helpful in the transition; and my wife has been extremely patient with me throughout the 40+ hour transfer and rebuild process.

By way of a synopsis, here’s what we have accomplished:

  • All ManyRoads files and software have been moved from Hostpapa to If you notice any problems, please let me know via the contact page.
  • We have optimize the performance of ManyRoads by tweaking the way Apache (our server software) handles requests. We now compress our site content before sending it to your browser. This should lower your bandwidth usage and speed the loading of larger images and files.
  • We have installed and are using CloudFlare which is a system that acts as a proxy between ManyRoads visitors and our server. By acting as a proxy, CloudFlare caches static content thus lowering the number of requests to our servers.
  • We have cleaned and optimized the ManyRoads MySQL database; it was quite bloated.

The next phase of our transition will involve yet another move. We plan to move our static content files (libraries,maps, etc.) on to a secondary server in order to better distribute our computing load and also provide redundancy.

Hopefully the worst of our moving is now over. Please let us know how things are working.  We especially appreciate your contact should you discover something that slipped through the cracks. Something most likely has….