14 October 2010 Update

Well it’s about time for the ManyRoads Monthly Update-Newsletter. The past month has been quite eventful.

Among the most interesting events to occur during the past month is that our visitor numbers have grown moved from around 130 per day to nearly 200 per day. I understand that for large sites, we are still pikers.  However in the genealogical world, according to Genealogy.org, we are in the top 35 of the sites tracked by them.

As our readership continues growing, we are also being allowed to discuss our genealogy interests in other venues. In terms of Guest Blogging, I am no longer just a guest Blogger on http://geneabloggers.com but have also been invited to write for http://obituarieshelp.org.

Before I open this month’s laundry list of happenings, I want to request any/all of you who have genealogical websites consider reciprocal linking with ManyRoads.  There is no cost and both your site and ManyRoads will benefit from the links. Simply place a link to http://many-roads.com on your site; send me an email letting me know you have made the link; and, I’ll place a link to your site.

Finally the list! Here are other ManyRoads items of note from the past month:

I think that hits most of the highlights.