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Hermann Hesse & Genealogy

On planes I often spend time reading ebooks. Generally they are of the less current, more esoteric variety. Recently I read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse; the story describes the spiritual journey of a boy from the Indian subcontinent during the time of the Buddha. As I read the tale, I noticed I was not only(…)

GPS & Genealogy

Should genealogy rely on GPS data?  When I recently heard the query, it gave me pause especially since people seemed pretty agitated over the point. I have to admit, it does seem that the value of GPS data is a point worth pondering, at least for a little while. It is probably worth noting that(…)

Site transfer, phase 1 – completed

Phase one of the ManyRoads transfer to is now complete. At least, it looks good from my end. We have moved a lot of files (about 60,000 of the little and huge buggers); not much of this transition has been easy.  My daughter and son-in-law have proven immensely helpful in the transition; and my(…)

Another apology!

It saddens me greatly to say that ManyRoads has been down for nearly 20 hours. As I noted in an earlier message, my previous Internet Service Provider was unable to provide me with informative error messages.  As a result, I was unable to tune the ManyRoads site to address its performance difficulties. We simply were(…)

Site transfer upcoming

Hello all, We are changing ManyRoads hosting from to  We have encountered numerous performance issues which seem unresolvable on hostpapa.  Hopefully, we will see an improvement on our new web locale. We hope that downtime is minimal but apologize in advance for any service interruptions. Over the next month or two, we intend(…)

Traditional Genealogical Sources #1

What is a traditional genealogical source?  To me that seemed to be a good question. So naturally, I Googled the term ‘Traditional genealogical source’ to see what I would find. The first item I came up with was the topic of a January/February 2003 issue of Ancestry Magazine by Mark Howells: Tombstone inscriptions have been(…)

Genealogy & PC Operating Systems

Which Operating system is best? Mac, Linux, Windows? Well aside from the inaccuracy of the phraseology in the above query, this is a question I often see discussed, debated, and fought with religious fervor.  Truth of the matter is quite simple.  Use the operating system you like best- for me that means Ubuntu Linux.  For(…)

Help Needed?

Sometimes we all need help. Everyone falls into that boat at one time or another.  As the old Barbara Streisand song says: “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…” (I hope I have that quoted correctly.) Over the past few months, numerous folks have requested and provided help here on ManyRoads.(…)

14 October 2010 Update

Well it’s about time for the ManyRoads Monthly Update-Newsletter. The past month has been quite eventful. Among the most interesting events to occur during the past month is that our visitor numbers have grown moved from around 130 per day to nearly 200 per day. I understand that for large sites, we are still pikers. (…)

Frieda Senger Birth Record!

Thursday the 7 October 2010 was one of those spectacular days for a family genealogist! I went to the Parker Family History Center to do research in the Ladekopp/ Pietzkendorf Evangelische Kirche records. I had no idea what, if anything I might find. What I found was both amazing and joyful.  I found my grandmother’s(…)

Genealogy Song #1

Genealogy theme songs? While seeking a song on Youtube, I came across  song that seems apropos to the genealogist and the search. [...] And I took you by the hand And we stood tall, And remembered our own land, What we lived for. And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears.(…)


Amazing! Wonderful. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our readership. During the month of Septemeber, we experienced our largest readership ever, nearly 6500 of you stopped by for a bit. More precisely, 6497 of you visited. Never before had we crested 5000 vistors in one month, let alone 6000. We hope you will(…) queries in seconds.