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Otto Wedhorn- Ella Recht Family

The Otto und Ella Wedhorn history is unusually sad one.  It is also one of resilience.  Otto and Ella were Luise Senger’s Aunt and Uncle (Ella was sister to Frieda Recht).  Our families had basically been lost to each other until 2011 when Norbert Grohmann contacted me here on ManyRoads. Otto Wedhorn was born on […]

Technology Advantages

Technology can and should be an crucial adjunct to your genealogical efforts.  As a matter of fact, I contend that no effort is complete, nor can your genealogy efforts be fully effective, without effective technological support.  The support can be as simple as using a word processor or as complex as writing large databases to […]

Russian Human Rights Memorials

While doing research today, I came across two affiliated human rights sites in Russia.  Both seem interested in archiving, remembering, and teaching about oppression of the past and present in Russia and the old Soviet Union. Memorial Memorial is a movement which arose in the years of perestroika. Its main task was the awakening and […]

Chelyabinsk, RU

Today while I was reviewing at the locations of the ManyRoads readers I came across, what for me was, a rather large surprise.  ManyRoads had a reader from Chelyabinsk, RU.  For those who follow the site closely, you will note that this is the same town where my Oma (grandmother) was forced to work for […]

ManyRoads Updates – Sept 11 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Per normal, rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that, […]

Geneabloggers & ManyRoads

ManyRoads is pleased to announce that we have been published on Geneabloggers. It is our hope to have generalized thoughts & opinions available for publication on that great site on a monthly basis (or thereabouts!). Like most things, our publication schedule will ‘most likely’ be semi-irregular.  Kind of like me, semi-irregular. We encourage you to […]

Outside the box

Genealogy is where you find it. Most often those looking for their relatives follow the tried and true paths of searching the Internet as well as searching the ‘traditional’ genealogy venues such as town halls, LDS Family History Centers, etc. Many people even go so far as to restrict their searches to the Internet only, […]

The best non-genealogy genealogy places #3

I debated whether or not this was the correct title for my posting but settled on it anyway! I really do not have a long list of items to present here, but rather a very small listing with only two, wonderful, non-genealogy genealogy places; they are: Flea markets Antique shows Yesterday, my wife, mother-in-law and […]

NGS Videos

If you have not seen this video, I recommend it.  It provides a good basic introduction to the National Genealogical Society (NGS), what they offer, and who they are. View the NGS production— Paths to Your Past Other videos available from NGS include: Finding Your Family at the National Archives (25.8MB) NGS & NARA (21.4MB) […]

Some nice notice for ManyRoads!

ManyRoads has had the great good fortune of being linked on several very nice genealogy websites. I must admit I am really pleased with the listings. I am also a bit ashamed to say that I missed noticing one of them for more than 8 months. I guess that just shows how ‘quick’ I can […] queries in seconds.