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Remembering the sorrow…

What a cruel thing is war…to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. Robert E. Lee Wars are destructive. The glory of war is an illusion. Wars accomplish little more than to cause death, heartache, pain, and loss. If you have(…)

Thoughts on genealogy

Based on some very insightful and caring comments from an email friend and genealogist, today I have taken a pause to reflect. What do I mean when I wish people “pax vobiscum”; how does the world deal with difference, historical wrongs, reconciliation? Obviously there are no simple answers here but I do have some thoughts(…)

Verda Marie Rich Henss

The following obituary was published in Mennonite Weekly Review: 8 Dec 1926 p. 7 Verda Marie Rich, wife of Paul Henss, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Rich, May 9th, 1905 near Crawfordsville, Iowa and departed this life in Wayland, Iowa, November 27, 1926 at the age of 21 years 6 months and(…)

Speaking at: Parker Family History Center

Tell your friends!  It’s now official. I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Parker (Colorado) LDS Family History Center. Meeting Location: Parker LDS Church Colorado 7160 E Bayou Gulch Rd Parker, Douglas, Colorado, United States Phone: 720-851-0916 My session will take place on 16 Sept. 2010.  The presentation will run(…)

ManyRoads- apology!

I apologize for the fact that ManyRoads was down this morning (18 August 2010) from about 0200 until 0900 Mountain Daylight Time. Late last night, we experienced a resource usage problem and exceeded allowable usage limits on our server. A software script (cron) created too many ‘background processes’, ran wild, and ate up a lot(…)

Nine Questions About Friends (Quakers)

Numerous Henss forebears were devote Quakers. Robert Owen was even incarcerated for 5 and a half years for his beliefs and finally brought to the New World from Wales by William Penn. The following 9 Questions provide good insight into Quaker (Friends) traditions and beliefs. Who are the Quakers? Quakers are members of the Religious(…)

Gerald Deyo

Gerald Deyo was one of the first US paratroopers trained in Panama, during World War 2. After his training, he became a member of the the 503 Parachute Battalion. Ultimately he attained the position of Jumpmaster. During the war, Gerald was based in Australia and fought mostly in New Guinea. On one of his jumps(…)

Clarence Deyo

Clarence Deyo spent most of World War 2 as a platoon Sargent in the Timberwolf Division fighting through France and into Germany. While in Northern France his platoon unwittingly captured a German payroll truck. After the capture, his squad got drunk and burned all the money to keep warm. Clarence’s most traumatic incident in the(…)

Tools for date calculations

Date calculations are quite useful and necessary in doing genealogy work. If you are like me, I constantly need to count backwards and forward from one event to another: death to birth, birth to marriage, etc. I find this type of calculation is more necessary when there is a paucity of information and documentation available(…)

Changes on ManyRoads

The changes are a-coming! Some of the changes to the site are fairly significant others tiny.  However, although I have tested them all, I would greatly appreciate hearing from our readers if they are either helpful or problematic.  Please use our contact page or the comments on this page to let me know what you(…)

Erich Senger

Erich Senger was born in Zeyersvorderkampen, West Prussia on 10 Dec 1921 to Richard and Frieda Senger. He spent his youth growing up on the Senger farm along with his sister Luise. Erich was a mischievous, precocious and inventive child. As a children he and his sister Luise walked from their home across the Schulweg(…)


ManyRoads has been acknowledged as providing a helpful source of original Prussian & German archives and documentation by Archivalia.  You may see our mention on their site. As perhaps most of you already know, it is our objective to be a provider of useful genealogical and historical information, especially with regards to those areas we(…)

Genealogy within context

Learning about your past, the past, any past requires an open mind and open eyes. An attention to detail, circumstances, and motivation are crucial. Preconceived notions, biases and wishes need to be set aside so that a clear and open mind is available to absorb the scenery. As an Frank Zappa once said: A mind(…)

Winnie the Pooh on Genealogy #2

As I have mentioned before, it never ceases to surprise me how much Winnie the Pooh knows about life, genealogy included. I searched and found the following quotes and they just seemed to be very insightful. I hope you find them so as well. “Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on(…)

ManyRoads Improvements

In an effort to improve the speed and performance of ManyRoads, we have initiated several crucial improvements. At least, I hope they are improvements. Included among these are: Installed Cache (Quick Cache Plugin) on the site; our cache is set to refresh every 60 minutes and immediately on page changes We tweaked our wp-config file(…)

Milestone Event

ManyRoads achieved a significant milestone during the month of July 2010. Over 5000 of you visited our site! Thank you! We hope to see you here often. Please know that if there is information or improvements you wish to share, we are eager to hear from you. Do not hesitate to use our contact page(…) queries in seconds.