ManyRoads Update- July 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that, a couple of important personal items have transpired. Firstly, even though I’m not much of a joiner I have taken membership in both the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists (here’s more). I have also decided to offer more services and tools to the genealogical community (more specifically the ManyRoads readership). (here’s more and still more).

Now on to the other major items or changes to ManyRoads:

  • I completely restructured the ManyRoads Menuing system (hopefully making it easier to get at things). It even seems to work in Internet Explorer!
  • I have added over new 30 postings to ManyRoads covering Wales, Quaker, Mennonite, German, Quebec ancestors (they’re all here)
  • I have added over 5 GB of new source documentation to our online libraries, much focusing on Mennonites and Quakers (more here) and Switzerland (more here)
  • Added about a dozen new photos to Elbing Damals (Elbing Back Then)
  • We passed a significant readership milestone… our 25,000th unique visitor dropped by this past month; also July will top our highest monthly readership number ever (we may hit 5,000 unique visitors!)
  • I fixed (using a new tool) over a 175 broken links… sadly most of the links were to sites where useful information evaporated. (more on my lament is here)

I think that hits most of the highlights.