Isaac Wade and Keziah (Musgrove) Allen- a brief history

Isaac W. and Keziah Allen are in our Henss family lineage. We are in search of additional information and photos regarding Keziah and Isaac Wade  that may be available.  We are especially keen to find gravestone images, marriage documentation and death certificates. Please use our contact page if you have any information to share.


According to the 1870 US Census, Issac Allen (reportedly born in Ohio was age 25) and Keziah (reportedly born in Illinois was age 21) were living with their daughter Cora Belle Allen in Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Township, Henry County, Iowa. Issac was earning a living as a blacksmith and Keziah was noted as Keeping house.


By 1880, the family had grown. Issac (reportedly born in Iowa was said to be age 36) was now a farmer living with his wife Keziah (reportedly born in Illinois was age 30).  They had 4 children living with them including:

  • Cora (age 11)
  • Ella (age 8 )
  • Jackson (age 4)
  • Bessie (age 2)


In the Iowa Census of 1885 Issac W. Allen (age 40, born Ohio and a blacksmith) and his wife Keziah (age 35 born in Illinois) and their children were reported to have lived in Jefferson Township, Henry County, Iowa.

  • Cora Belle (age 15)
  • Ella (age 12)
  • Jackson (age 9)
  • Bessie (age 6)
  • Anna (unreadable smudge)


In the 1900 US Census, Isaac and Keziah were reported as having been married for 33 years meaning they were married about 1867).  At this time Issac, still a farmer, was reported to be 55 (reported to have born in Ohio in Oct. 1844) and Keziah 50 (reported to have born in Illinois in Aug. 1849).  By this time, it was noted that Issac and Keziah owned their farm. They had 4 remaining children in the household including:

  • John J. (age 24) reported as being a farm worker
  • Bessie (age 22)
  • Anna (age 17)
  • Edith J (age 10)


By 1910 Isaac Allen (born in Ohio and now 65) and Keziah (born Illinois and now 60) lived with two of their daughters:

  • Bessie (age 31)
  • Edith (age 20)

Isaac and Keziah continued to own and operate their farm.  Keziah is reported to have had 6 children all of whom reportedly remained alive in 1910.


Isaac Wade Allen died on 11 April 1914.


1920 US Census reports that Keziah (age 70 and now a widow) was living with her daughter’s family including:

  • Son-in-law Orus P. Boshart (age 39)
  • Daughter Edith J. Boshart (age 39)


By 1925, Keziah (age 75 and a widow) was living with her extended family in Wayland, Henry County, Iowa. The extended family included:

  • Son-in-law Orus P. Boshart (age 35)
  • Daughter Edith J. Boshart (age 35)
  • Grandson James O. Boshart (age 4)

Keziah owned the real estate free and clear, it was valued at $2000.


Keziah Musgrove Allen died on 17 March 1926.