Robert & Jane (Vaughan) Owen- 1684

Robert Owen, of Dolserau, came over in the ship Vine, of Liverpool, sailing from Dolyserre, near Dolgules, Merioneth, with his wife, Jane, son Lewis, and a servant boy and four maid servants, and arrived at Philadelphia in Sep. 1684.

He had been a Justice of the Peace at Dolserau, near Dolgelly, (and near Bala), Where he was incarcerated five years in the jail because he was a Quaker. He had been the Governor of Beaumaris, and became a Quaker about 1660. When he came over here, he settled on Duck Creek, in New Castle Co., where his son, Edward Owen, who had come over earlier, in Hugh Roberts’s party, in Nov. 1683, was then settled. Both Robert Owen and Jane, his wife, died in the next year.

They had altogether nine sons, and all were of age before 1684. Their son Lewis Owen returned to Wales to reside, but their son Dr. Griffith Owen, who bought his brother Edward Owen’s land, in the Thomas & Jones tract, Merion, remained here, and became prominent in the Province.[ref]BROWNING, CHARLES H. Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: William J. Campbell, 1912 p.160 [/ref]