Personalized Genalogical Research Services

ManyRoads (part of eirenicon llc) is excited to announce our personalized, professional genealogical research services.

Our areas of focus historically have been on those areas were we have researched for our own family genealogy and family history including:

  • East & West Prussia (pre-1947; we have special expertise in the area formerly known as Kreis Elbing and Freie Stadt Danzig)
  • the Lost German Eastern Provinces (regions)
  • Shoah – Holocaust Research
  • Quebec (especially in the areas of Quebec City and Montreal down to Vermont/ New York)
  • New York State (especially in the Champlain Valley to Canada)
  • Iowa (especially in Henry, Des Moines and Washington Counties)

If you are desirous of a more complete family history, stumped in your genealogical research, or just looking to ‘kick start’ your genealogy efforts, please use our Contact page to initiate a discussion on our service capabilities and fee arrangements.