25,000 plus Visitors!

ManyRoads just passed our 25,000th unique site visitor; we began counting on: 13 December 2009.

Thank you! Thank you!

fireworksWe hope you have found the information, pointers, etc. on ManyRoads to be of value. I know that I have learned a lot, made many new new friends, found ‘new’ (not ‘lost’) relatives, and kept very busily entertained. By way of sharing a few additional points of interest, the ManyRoads site now has:

  • 11.3 GB of data on-line
  • 75MB WordPress Database
  • 9GB of Genealogical Documents
  • 6GB of Elbing-Prussia-German documents
  • 600MB of Maps
  • ~1 GB of Iowa documents
  • ~1 GB of Quebec documents

So as you can see we are growing. Please use our contact page to share your ideas and notions with us, or leave a comment here.