Rev Johann Eicher II & Margaretta (Conrad) Eicher

The Rev. Johann (John) Eicher II, husband of Margaretta (Margaret) Conrod, was a native of Pulversheim in the Alsace and Margaret was born in Switzerland. John had charge of a Mennonite congregation in the Alsace and for many years was engaged not only in the ministry, but in farming. Not all of their children came to America; and of those who did, they came singly. First came Jacob, then John Jr., Christian, Daniel, and then Martin Benjamin.  The boys were followed by a sister Annie and her husband, John W. Wittmer; Annie and John had married in Alsace before settling in Wayne County, Ohio.  Jacob returned from the United States to the Alsace to marry Mary Summer, a “childhood friend”; he brought her back with him to America.

Three of the boys, after trying life first in Ohio, concluded it would be better to make their life in Canada; John, Daniel and Christian relocated to Waterloo County, Ontario.  John and Christian remained in Canada for three years.  Daniel Eicher stayed on for six years, and finally following his brothers to Iowa. Three of the Eicher brothers: Christian, Martin Benjamin, and Jacob located in Washington County, Iowa; and John and Daniel located in Henry County, Iowa. Martin was the only one who invested in land, doing so in 1850.

After coming to Iowa, all the sons married:

  • Martin wedded Barbara Roth;
  • Christian married Annie Wenger;
  • Jacob became the husband of Catherine Rich; and
  • Rev. Benjamin Eicher married Lydia Summers.

Johann and Margaretta remained in the Alsace (today France) with their remaining children:

  • Joseph, who married Elizabeth Kropf;
  • Fannie, wife of Jacob Summer; and
  • Peter, husband of Catherine Summer.

Johann Eicher II and Margaretta Conrod lived to a ripe old age, and were buried in the country that gave them birth.

edited by Mark Rabideau from the original:

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