The Raphael Robidoux Family of Altona, NY

This area may be augmented in the future as I attempt to uncover additional Census and/or photographic information for inclusion here.

The Raphael (Russel) Robidoux & Family- 1880

The family lived in Altona, NY; their exact location is unknown as the street information was left blank on 1880 Census. At that time, Raphael (40) was a Laborer; he had been employed all during the 12 months preceding the June 1880 enumeration. Euphemie, Raphael’s wife (40) was Keeping House. Living with them were eight children including:

  • Delia (19) Daughter
  • Lois (16) Daughter
  • Russel (13) Son
  • Mary (11) Daughter
  • Newell (9) Son (g-grandfather)
  • Joseph (7)
  • Elmira (5) Daughter
  • Jeremiah (8mo. born Oct of 1879) Son (my g-grandfather Alexander)

Raphael (Russel) Robidoux & Family – 1900

In 1900, the family continued to live in Altona, NY.  Once again, their exact location is unknown because street information was left blank on the Census.  At that time, Raphael was a Farmer; he owned his farm and it was listed as Farm #93 on the farm schedule. His farm was still under mortgage and not freely owned. He was able to read and speak English but could not write it. Euphemie (62 years of age born in June 1837) was Keeping House.  Euphemie was able to speak English but neither read nor write it. They had been married 41 years as of 19 June 1900. Living with them were two children:

  • Alexander (born Sept of 1879 aged 20); Alexander was working on his father’s farm as a laborer. He could speak English but neither read nor write it. He had been unemployed for 2 of the previous 12 months.
  • Delia (born Aug of 1883 aged 16). She could read, write and speak English.

Given Delia was born 3 years after the 1880 Census, we can assume that the elder Delia born in 1861 died in those three intervening years between 1880 and 1883.

Alexander Rabideau & Family- 1910

In 1910, their address is listed as 145 Alder Bend Road in Altona, New York. Today any previously existing homes appear to have been removed… or abandoned, perhaps as part of the Adirondack Park creation. In 1910, the farm on Alder Bend Road was rented and worked by Alexander (31); who was working as a Farm Laborer. He and Flora had been married for 8 years. Flora (29) was keeping house and spoke French not English. They had three children living with them including:

  • James (7) son- in the 1920 Census he was enumerated as Alexander Jr.
  • Victor (5) son
  • Frederick (4) son – my grandfather

Raphael (Russel) Robidoux & Family – 1910

By 1910, Raphael Robidoux had died.  Euphemie, his widow, was living with daughter Delia and her husband John Brooks; and her grandson Clement (age 6) and grand-daughter Malena (aged 2) in Altona, New York.