Free- Basic Family Tree Service

I just stumble upon a free service for those looking for a simple online Family Tree website. To quote the service itself:Genealogy-Ideas

Family Tree Guide

Family Tree Guide is about convenience.
Placing your family tree online with your own website and website address could never be simpler then what we offer. Our goal is to make this as easy for you as we can. All work that involves the website setup and maintenance will be handled by one of our capable staff, leaving you to handle only the research into the genealogy for your family. Because your family tree is web-based you will be able to access and edit your genealogy from anywhere in the world. And we do all of this for free!

Family Tree Guide is about choice.

With each website you have the ability to provide visitors unlimited access to your genealogy, or restrict their access. You decide! Enable users to view information on living people, add, edit and/or delete from your family tree. Enable a user to download your GEDCOM. Or don’t allow any of it! The choice is yours!