Find your friends

Find your friends.  If you run a family history/ genealogy website, building associations and affiliations can be a useful and valuable adjunct to your genealogical efforts.

Genealogy-IdeasSome of the most interesting and potentially useful affiliations (links) are with are sites and organizations belonging to other family members or family associations.  These family members/ associations need not be particularly close, from a genealogical relationship perspective, but rather simply represent individuals or groups searching for, or providing, information on branches, limbs of your family tree.  It is additionally helpful if their family name obviously links or relates to those most frequently mentioned on your site.  Obvious name linkages make it easier for casual readers and researchers alike to see the importance and enthusiasm for information involving your family, perhaps enticing a more reluctant reader into active participation.

Not only can related sites possible additional readership for, and comments on, your site, but more importantly, they provide you with the potential of finding good and useful sources of genealogical information.  Presumably, the readers of closely affiliated and obviously related sites are also interested in assisting in your research success and may, also, be willing to provide you with analysis and reviews on your own research efforts. (N.B. I have found this form of review invaluable in scrubbing errors and addressing omissions in my research.)

In the case of ManyRoads, we have recently come across several such sites. These include:

If you know of sites researching any of our family names, most notably any related to:

  • Rabideau,
  • Henss,
  • Johannson (Veddige, Sweden),
  • Sivertsen (Sandane/ Gloppen, Norway),
  • Deyo (Quebec, Northern NY),
  • Senger (East & West Prussia),
  • Rich (Washington Cty, Iowa)

Please let us know.  We’d both love to visit them and create a mutual link.