Copying DJVU Files

Sometimes you just want a copy of a text.  If that text is published using DJVU, here’s a fairly quick method for capturing and downloading a copy.  By the way, this should work on all the ManyRoads DJVU files as well.

Genealogy-IdeasDJVU files can best and most predictably be downloaded from within the DJVU document itself. Unlikle PDF, DJVU publishers have the option of preserving and presenting their materials as many files not just a single large file (Bundled versus unbundled).  As a result, what you are reading may simply be the initial link to a DJVU directory not a single bundled file.

To achieve your objective of copying a DJVU document, do the following:

  • open the Document using your browser DJVU plugin (Here’s an example document. )
  • once the document opens move your mouse cursor onto the body of the page and right click
  • on the pop-up that opens, simply select save as and direct the file and style (bundled or unbundled) to your PC

That should get you a copy, this of course assumes your are using version 4 of DJVU or newer.  DJVU version 3 and earlier is a lot more difficult (at least for me).