ManyRoads Update 27 May 2010

This post contains the content of the ManyRoads Newsletter:

Welcome to the first ManyRoads Newsletter! news

First let me thank everyone for signing up to our little ‘news’ service. I promise not to over crowd your email with tons of messages. My intention is to write one or two of these per month. Each will attempt to provide a brief synopsis of the recent happenings at ManyRoads.

Since this is the first of these messages I would also encourage you to tell me what changes, additions, deletions, or modifications you might like to see in either the newsletter or on ManyRoads. Without your thoughts and input things tend to get a bit one-sided! Anyway, here’s the news…

Areas where I am a bit stuck include:

  • Vertreibung photos and stories… they have reduced to a small trickle. Any pointers are most appreciated.
  • Kreis Elbing Fotos (the same story)
  • I was denied permission to publish Peter Gagne’s materials on my family members from his texts. I apologize that this needs to remain under wrap.

ManyRoads most active areas of research:

  • Rabideau line (my paternal grandfather’s family)
  • Deyo line (my paternal grandmother’s line)
  • Senger-Recht (my maternal line)- I have to place orders for more Elbing ev. Kirchregisters (probably from Sankt Ahnen and Heilige Leichnamm- pre-1750 births)

I think that covers the highlights. Again please let me know if this newsletter seems useful and what you’d like to see both here and on ManyRoads.

Best regards!