Finding “lost” family

Finding a lost family connection can be daunting, exhilarating and exasperating.  The human need for connection to family and community is strong.  And, the desire to find lost family members can become nearly all consuming.

Genealogy-IdeasIn order to succeed in this search, here are 5 pointers might be helpful (especially if you are new to genealogy).

  1. Find as many family member names are you can, even those that are a vague part of your personal or family recollection are useful.
  2. Identify places or place names.  It is best if they are ‘close’ to accurate but even inaccurate places names can provide guidance and pointers.
  3. Dates, creating a list of dates matched to places and names is best.
  4. Scour the Internet for any/ all matches you can
  5. Contact people that hit your key search criteria. If you read this site closely, you will note that I have been contacted numerous times.

Don’t give up.  Just because someone does not have the information you seek do not be discouraged.  Rack your brain for more information to help people help you. Re-contact people if your remember another clue or find a new one…

It is my experience that genealogists are generous people. They want to find their family and want you to know yours as well.  Give them the information yu can no matter how tiny the tidbit(s).  You will be surprised what information can be gleaned from right clue.