Another Genealogy Adventure…. part 2

To fix the problems, Craig and I devised a fairly simple plan.

  1. Craig sent me the genealogical documents he had in his possession.
  2. He agreed to travel to Plattsburgh, New York in search of additional source evidence.
  3. I agreed to re-read (this time more carefully) all the documentation I had in my possession; this evidence was mostly sourced from Pati Gravel and Barb Deyo (a lot of photos, emails, as well as numerous Wilfred Deyo’s documents- Deyo histories).
  4. I was to re-plow through available evidence on and see what I could find.  This was especially crucial in that I had to confirm notes from Craig for which we were missing source documentation. Not to mention, I needed to this for the information from Barb, Pati and Wilfred as well.

In total things worked out as we had hoped; we found a more complete and accurate (we believe) ancestry for our Deyo Branch of the family.  There remains a lot of work to do but we believe our evidence and source materials are aligned and as accurate as they can be given the data at our disposal.  In this effort, we added some 500 pages of additional source data.

We did the work all in the span of 7 days.  As my daughter would say: “Hooray for us!”.

In my next post I’ll cover what we learned.