GRAMPS review and decision #3

Today we have published three (3) branches of our genealogy; two (2) are available for public access.

  1. Senger Branch (Public)
  2. Deyo Branch (Public)

I have customized the output of GRAMPS standard web generation tools (NAVWEB) to create a look & feel that is consistent with the ManyRoads website. Please be aware that there remain bugs in the tooling (such as the web links from GRAMPS outward do not display or work correctly).  Also, and more importantly, the data continues to be a work in progress.  As with most family genealogies you will notice that ours is not balanaced in terms of distance in time or breadth of known ancestry.  I guess that’s all part of the fun!

We hope you find the information useful, informative and easy to follow.

Should you have information that you’d like to share with us please use our Contact page.