Clement Lerige (Leriger)


Troupes de la Marine
Troupes de la Marine

Clement Lerige, Seuir de La Plante came to New France in 1685 as an officer of the Troupes de la Marine, a section of the King’s Navy. Clement was captured by the Iroquois in 1689 and was enslaved with them for 2 years. He learned to speak the Indian language and survived and eventually escaped. Clement married Marie Roy on September 8, 1700 at Ste Vierge, St. Lambert, Quebec. She was the daughter of Pierre Roy and Catherine Ducharme of St. Lambert. Catherine Ducharme was a Fille du Roi. The marriage was frowned on by the King who demoted Clement but later reversed his position and Clement served in the Troupes for more than fifty years.

Clement and Marie settled in Laprairie, Quebec and had 13 children; Louis, Marie Catherine, Pierre, Gilbert, Clement, Rene-Clement, Charlotte Marie, Francois Michel, Paul, Jean Baptiste, Antoine, Rene and Joseph Marie. Clement died December 5, 1742 in Laprairie and Marie died on December 31, 1757.

Clements last name has evolved into a variety of spellings for his descendants. […]  Eventually the name became Laplante or simply Plante. Oddly enough the original name from France is Leriget.