A Great Find… (part 2) -Raphael & Euphemie Robidoux

I received the following email this morning from Barb Deyo; it read:

Hi Mark,

I wanted to send this to you yesterday, but I have been having trouble with my e-mail.

I read about you finding a picture of your ggg grandparents on line.Raphael Robidoux  Euphemie St Germaine Headstone

That night we went for a short walk in the cemetery like we do very often, with my cat. She loves to run and lead us around the field. When it was time to go she led us to the front of the hedge to go home, (we usually go by the side) As I looked at the stone, guess what I saw?

It was just strange how this stone seemed to pop out at me. We weren’t looking for anything. The names just stuck with me. I just had to go back and take a picture for you. I don’t usually take pictures of stones, so I don’t mind if you just delete it.

This was just too weird!

Barb Deyo

What a wonderful surprise this was for me….