Scandinavia Research is underway

I have begun in earnest working on Becky’s side of the family.  This means research in both Norway and Sweden has started for me.  As one might expect the available references and information are a ‘tad’ difficult for non-native language speakers; and my German is not really very close to either Norwegian or Swedish!
Having said that I must say that the available resources are quite exceptional. I find those from Norway to be a bit more advanced and easier to use (not to mention free!).  Sweden’s are less complete, more awkward technologically and they cost money; unless you go to your local LDS Family History Center for free access.

I will be posting what I believe are the most useful links (in my humble? opinion-IMHO) on ManyRoads. If you have some excellent links and pointers to share, please contact me so I can post them -or- just write a comment here.