Johansson Treasure Trove

Yesterday was a wonderful research day for me. I began seriously researching materials and information to support the work my father-in-law (Robert Henss) had done on the Johansson family line (Becky’, my wife’s, matrilineal line).  With a photocopy of his work in hand, I bravely proceeded into uncharted territory (for me).

To assign quanta to my success, I found 17 original source documents.  I’ll post images of them on ManyRoads for me to admire quite soon. In all honesty, I must admit that the bulk of the 17 source documents were actually from the Norwegian side of the family (Sivertsens); there were but a handful from the Swedish (Johansson) side.  Sadly, the family parish in Sweden have not been fully digitized, but they are working on it!  Nonetheless, my feeling of accomplishment remains high and I am optimistic that I will be able to add and expand to our knowledge of the families, even given my weak Norwegian and Swedish skills (more on that in another post).

A good day it was.  I will review the documentation today with Becky and then clean up the images for archival and research purposes (such as may be required).