Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson

Jean Guyon is the scion of the Guyon, Yon and Dion Families in North America. The surname Guyon has taken numerous forms over time; Guyon descendants are additionally known by the following surnames: Després, Dumontier, and Lemoine, and in Louisiana, Derbanne.

Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson
Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson

Jean Guyon was baptized September 18, 1592 in St. Aubin de Tourouvre Perche locality, north-east of Alençon (Orne).

In 1614 at the age of just 22 years, he was a successful mason who had accumulated sufficient savings such that he could afford to lend money; his loans included one in the amount of 84 pounds to Pantaleon Bigot.

In 1615 the community of Tourouvre ordered a stone and masonry staircase of 31 stairs be built by Jean. This staircase led to the first floor of the tower of their church. That same year Jean Guyon married Robin Mathurine on the second of June. Robin is assumed to have been the daughter of Eustace and Madeleine AVRARD of Mortagne.

By 1623, Jean and Robin Guyon lived in Mortagne. Jean was recognized as an excellent worker; he was successful enough to have been entrusted with a project and contract to restore the town walls of Mortagne.

In 1634, Robert Giffard finally succeeded in convincing him, along with Zacharie Cloutier, to emigrate to New France and where they each received a thousand acres of land.

During the years between 1617 and 1639, Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin had ten children; eight were born in Mortagne with the last two being born in Quebec.

Jean died in Beauport May 30, 1663; his wife preceded him in death on April 17, 1662.

Descendants of Jean Guyon and Mathurin Robin settled primarily in the area of Chateau-Richer, the Isle d’Orleans, Quebec, Cap-St-Ignace and Montreal.

Translated from the original Source: The Genealogy Center of French America

Translator: Mark F. Rabideau