David Letourneau

David Letourneau was born of David Lerourneau and Jeanne Dupen around 1616 in Charente-Maritime Arrondissement Rochefort Canton Tornay-Charente Saintonge near the border of Poitou and Aunis .

In 1640, he married Sébastienne Guéry, they had 3 children.

He remarried on July 6, 1654; his second wife was Joan Baril, the daughter of Francis and Catherine Baril Ligneron, St-Germain in Aunis. This union produced 2 children, Elizabeth and Philippe in 1655 to 1657.

In 1658, probably on the Taurus, David crossed into Canada only bringing the two sons from his first marriage. How Joan Baril survived after his departure to New France and why he decided to leave are questions to which we have no answers.

In 1661, David acquired a piece of land in Ste-Famille; it extended over 3 acres in width. He gave this land to his son David upon David’s (the younger) marriage to Francoise Chaplain. David and a second son, John, developed another parcel of land several years later.

Joan Baril finally came to join her husband on one of four ships which departed from La Rochelle to Quebec; she was accompanied by her son Philip; daughter Mary remained in France.

David, working as a miller, had amassed a small fortune. He had a reputation for being the best miller in Beaupre. In 1669, David “the head miller of Beaupre”, bought a nice house 24 x 20 feet in the village of Chateau-Richer, priced at 700 pounds.

David died in 1670 at the age of 54; given how young he died, it is assume that he died of a contagious disease or an accident. He left behind a widow and movable property worth 900 pounds, cattle valued at 160 pounds, and cash valued at 260 pounds.

After David’s death, Joan Baril contracted marriage with Julian Bion called the Breton. They went to live in the manor of St. Mary, St. Nicolas along with Philippe and Jacques Létourneau.

In the end, the two boys born of David Letourneau’s marriage to Sebastien Guery only caused family strain. It was David and Francoise Chaplain who were fruitful and begat 15 children which ensured the successful descent of the Letourneau lineage.

Translated from the original Source: The Genealogy Center of French America

Translator: Mark F. Rabideau http://many-roads.com