The best non-genealogy genealogy places #1

Some of the most useful genealogy sites and locations, often are not genealogical in nature, include the following:

  • Internet Archive.  This site is associated with the wayback machine, for those who remember that. The site provides access to a wealth of source documents, histories, etc.  All the documents provided are free of copyright encumbrances, which means that they are available for download and use.  If you look around ManyRoads, you will find a host of Quebec and German documents sourced from there.
  • Your library! Libraries the world over provide access to a wealth of documentation, history and today electronic media.  Although I am constantly frustrated by my library’s inability to gain access to the weird texts I seek, I love the electronic access they provide me.  I am even able to use their services from my home or remote locations.  Included among the access services they provide are and HertiageQuest.
  • dlibra. This Polish group of websites (there are some 10 of them) host a wealth of documentation and maps from the past.  For those seeking to unearth information about the former German lands of East & West Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania these sites are a godsend.  The quantity of documentation and its easy availability is magnificent.
  • The Town Clerk. Never underestimate the value of a good town clerk.  I have had a great deal of assistance come from helpful people running the Town Offices of towns from which my forebears came. They have provided me with tips, document copies and numerous pointers.  Just don’t forget to be polite, ask nicely, and be appreciative!
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