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Norwegian Research

Norway offers exceptional internet research facilities for genealogy. Although we have not been working in the Sivertsen family line very long we have uncovered some very helpful web-tools. Thus far we have unearthed several excellent, dare I say indispensable,  tools: Norwegian Historical Data Centre (a wonderful repository) – The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is(…)

Scandinavia Research is underway

I have begun in earnest working on Becky’s side of the family.  This means research in both Norway and Sweden has started for me.  As one might expect the available references and information are a ‘tad’ difficult for non-native language speakers; and my German is not really very close to either Norwegian or Swedish! Having(…)

Elbinger Schutzjuden

source: courtesy Fred Rump In 1783, Moses Simon paid 40,000 Thaler to the city to earn protection and the rights to compete with his Christian counterparts in Elbing for himself and his descendants. (Schutz = protection and Juden= Jews) By 1812, 33 such families had settled in Elbing. Most had paid a fee to the(…)

Johansson Treasure Trove

Yesterday was a wonderful research day for me. I began seriously researching materials and information to support the work my father-in-law (Robert Henss) had done on the Johansson family line (Becky’, my wife’s, matrilineal line).  With a photocopy of his work in hand, I bravely proceeded into uncharted territory (for me). To assign quanta to(…)

Two speaking engagements

Tell your friends!  It’s now official. I will be speaking at two separate meetings of the Parker (Colorado) Genealogical Society. Meeting Location: Stroh Ranch Fire Station (New Location) 19310 Stroh Ranch Road Parker, Colorado 2nd Saturday of each month (except December will be the 1st Saturday) Business Meeting: 1:30pm – 2pm Speaker: 2pm – 3:30pm(…)

New Theme!

We found that our old website theme was getting a bit long in the tooth so we have made a change.  Obviously though we are not the only people reading the site.  To that end… We would greatly appreciate your comments on our new site layout, fonts, etc. We also would like to hear of(…)

Our 10,000th visitor!

Today our 10,000 visitor since 13 December stopped by- December 13 2009 is the day we began tracking our visitors. During that same time, we have had more than 40,000 page reads on ManyRoads from all of you. THANK YOU everyone! We truly appreciate your interest and visits.  We hope you find our site to(…)

David Letourneau

David Letourneau was born of David Lerourneau and Jeanne Dupen around 1616 in Charente-Maritime Arrondissement Rochefort Canton Tornay-Charente Saintonge near the border of Poitou and Aunis . In 1640, he married Sébastienne Guéry, they had 3 children. He remarried on July 6, 1654; his second wife was Joan Baril, the daughter of Francis and Catherine(…)

Emery Blouin

The surname Blouin means blue as in a cloudless sky or like a calm carribean sea. Emery / Mery Blouin, the scion of North America’s Blouin Family, was born in 1641 to Andrew and Francoise Blouin (Bounin) in Saint-Pierre d’Etisson, diocese of Lucon Poitou. He arrived in New France in 1664; the ship he arrived(…)

Jean Guyon, sieur Du Buisson

Jean Guyon is the scion of the Guyon, Yon and Dion Families in North America. The surname Guyon has taken numerous forms over time; Guyon descendants are additionally known by the following surnames: Després, Dumontier, and Lemoine, and in Louisiana, Derbanne. Jean Guyon was baptized September 18, 1592 in St. Aubin de Tourouvre Perche locality,(…)

The Deyo name from whence???

As hard as it was for me to believe, our Deyo family name is not from the Netherlands and/or Huguenot communities as I had earlier thought but rather it comes down a more circuitous, and I might say “interesting” route. Let me explain what I have thus far unearthed: Leona Deyo, my grandmother (father’s mother)(…)

New Library Additions

Today we added a dozen+ new texts in our Quebec library. I hope you find them helpful.  Please feel free to let me know if there are other texts you’d like to see online, or if you encounter difficulties with ours.

Genealogy of Canada

Genealogy of Canada is a great site for researching French Canadian ancestry.  I discovered the site two days ago when I was stumped trying to locate some relatives. The site is developed primarily for native French Canadian language speakers and offered in translated English.  I have had no major problems with the English variant; it(…)

Ancestry Downloads

Ancestry download issues?? Like the rest of you, I need to download my Ancestry work files.  Also like many of you, maybe all of you, I encounter problems. Here’s how things don’t work for me. To perform a download of a gedcom file is not difficult, although the function is pretty well hidden. To access(…)


It pleases me to say that I have identified the entire male Deyo line from John Deyo through to Claude Guyon (born 1629).  The Deyos as we all knew were from France.  Now we know their names and a bit about their journey.  As I find additional information, I will continue to update and post(…)

Marie Rollet

Marie Rollet, wife of Louis Hebert, QC’s first settler; d. 1649 at QC In 1617, with her husband and three children she came from Paris to QC where she found starvation, sickness, and threats of Indian attack.  A year after their arrival, says SAGARD, the first marriage solemnized in QC with the rites of the(…)

Jean Guyon

source: “One Hundred French Canadian Family Histories” by Phillip J. Moore. Jean grew up in the small community of Tourouvre with many of the people with whom he went to Canada. He attained a good education. He could read, write. and had some knowledge of law, could survey land and was a mason. In Canada(…)

Louis Hebert

Louis Gaston Hebert was born in 1575 at 129 Rue Honore, Paris, France; the son of Nicolas Hebert and Jacqueline Pajot.  His family was quite affluent, with ties to the Royal Court of Catherine de’ Medici; where his father was the official druggist and spice merchant to the Queen.  In this capacity, he would have(…)

Pick wisely

As you work on your genealogy be sure to work on branches and items in logical groups.  Do not scatter your efforts too much or you risk becoming confused, muddled and inaccurate. I find that my best and most productive work comes when I work in a single or focused area of my family either(…)

The best non-genealogy genealogy places #1

Some of the most useful genealogy sites and locations, often are not genealogical in nature, include the following: Internet Archive.  This site is associated with the wayback machine, for those who remember that. The site provides access to a wealth of source documents, histories, etc.  All the documents provided are free of copyright encumbrances, which(…)

Jacques Guyon

source “One Hundred French Canadian Family Histories” by Phillip J. Moore. Most people of French Canadian heritage descend from this family of old Perche. Jacques Guyon is the earliest Guyon we can claim as an ancestor. He witnessed a document executed in Tourouve, Monday, January 6, 1579, and died before September 29, 1623. He and(…)

Be honest

Honesty is one of the most important dimensions of good genealogy and family history.  We all have backgrounds that we would like to say were ours. However, sometimes we have to settle for the fact that we are who we are. If you truly want to provide and accurate family history and genealogy, you need(…)

No historical records?

Yesterday while working on my genealogy, I accidently got carried away.  Hard to believe but true.  Here is what I found myself doing, then questioning and finally fixing. I was conducting initial research on Ancestry, seeking the basics about who was born of whom and where.  As is typically the case, I was using the(…)

Topics Index

I am working at providing and easier more direct method of getting to our pages, posts, maps, links, and downloads. If you want to check things out please visit our Topics page to see what I am up to these days. I am hoping to make “all” of our content reachable by no more that(…)

Site enhancements

Over the weekend I have made a few changes that “are supposed” to help make our site more accessible. I would appreciate any feedback that you might have with respect to these new tools. Google Buzz: On each page you should notice a button to access and use Google Buzz. Assuming you are a user(…) queries in seconds.